Solution: National Museum of American History

Written by Pratik Rathore, with ideas from Dawson Do

Each line clues one of the state flags, so the first step is to identify them. The letters that are replaced by the white flags read: USE STATE ADMIT NUMBERS

Using the state’s admission number as an index into the alphabet gives the answer: BLOCK PARTY

PromptStateFlag LettersAdmit NumberLetter
Two black horses and an emblem of the ⚐nion looking awe⚐ome Pennsylvania US 2 B
Ant⚐cedent⚐ to the Declaration of Independence North Carolina ES 12 L
A pioneer embracing a statesman, with a saying by ano⚐her f⚐mous statesman Kentucky TA 15 O
Two goddesses, and a cres⚐ with a horse’s h⚐ad New Jersey TE 3 C
A foot upon a crown, and a smiling sun in the b⚐ckgroun⚐ New York AD 11 K
Three ⚐agn⚐ficent stars and a blue bar Tennessee MI 16 P
A farmer and a soldier s⚐aring at a saili⚐g ship Delaware TN 1 A
Three drops of blood, and an ⚐pset ⚐other bird Louisiana UM 18 R
Contains its sym⚐olic flow⚐r, a welcome update Mississippi BE 20 T
A sta⚐-⚐tudded lozenge with one of them upended Arkansas RS 25 Y

Author’s Notes

Dawson: I'm glad that this got to be one of the first puzzles to reference the new Mississippi state flag.