Legendary Escape

After carefully priming the galleries for the heist, you put your plan into action. You snatch the Ginevra de’ Benci off the wall, but all of a sudden the alarms go off! Drat, the painting is guarded better than you anticipated. The cops are going to arrive soon, and if they catch you, you’ll rot behind bars. And even worse, you’ll fail your final project! If you somehow still pull off the escape, however, your A in the class will be secured for sure. A good heist has an escape plan—time to put yours into action!

National Gallery of Art

After searching through the different D.C. museums to no avail, your group finally makes it to the National Gallery of Art and finds your class waiting. “You should have found this place earlier,” the professor says, “this is ARTH101 after all! Now go and work on your final project. It better be done by the time we leave!” You think back to your trip around D.C. and hope it will provide inspiration for the project.

At the beginning of the school year, you and your friends at UMD signed up for what seemed like a fun elective class. The class has never been offered at UMD before, so you didn’t know much about the material going in, but the course seemed to be plenty easy.

As finals week approaches, your professor assigns a final group project which requires you to go on a class field trip to D.C. You are put into a group with your friends and told to meet up with the rest of the class at the museum. The only problem is that the professor didn’t tell you where to meet! On the day of the field trip, you and your group mates go looking through the different D.C. museums to try and find your class.

Hello UMD students!

Thanks again for signing up for my class! This has been a great semester, and with finals week fast approaching, I’m so excited to see your final projects! As you already know, I’ve divided you all into groups with which you’ll be working. The final project will take place in D.C., so we’ll be having a class field trip there. Please meet up with your assigned group on January 2, 2021 at noon EST, and don’t be late!

See you soon!