National Museum of American History

Two black horses and an emblem of the ⚐nion looking awe⚐ome

Ant⚐cedent⚐ to the Declaration of Independence

A pioneer embracing a statesman, with a saying by ano⚐her f⚐mous statesman

Two goddesses, and a cres⚐ with a horse’s h⚐ad

A foot upon a crown, and a smiling sun in the b⚐ckgroun⚐

Three ⚐agn⚐ficent stars and a blue bar

A farmer and a soldier s⚐aring at a saili⚐g ship

Three drops of blood, and an ⚐pset ⚐other bird

Contains its sym⚐olic flow⚐r, a welcome update

A sta⚐-⚐tudded lozenge with one of them upended