Solution: National Zoo

Written by Josh Fernandes

See walkthroughs for the solve paths through each of the four puzzles. The solutions give the following phrases for each puzzle

From the emojis, it is suggested that the snake and penguin phrases must be combined, and separately the fish and bat phrases must be. The nut used for pies is the PECAN, and applying a Caesar (rotational) shift of 4 gives TIGER. The creature that bears pups but eats dory is cluing SHARK, as shark young are called pups. Dory refers to both the type of fish (may be predated upon by some sharks) and the character from Finding Nemo. The character is nearly eaten by a (well-meaning) shark. Putting the answers together gives the solution TIGER SHARK, a well-known species of shark.

Author’s Notes

If you want a challenge, remove the following clues from each puzzle and try to solve them.

Snake pit:

Penguin floes:

Fish tanks:

Bat cave: