The Runaround Puzzle

This puzzle requires the input of a partial answer, but this is no longer supported in the static version of the website. If you want to verify, feel free to contact us or self-serve this part of the puzzle.
If you've submitted PORTRAIT GALLERY, then you were prompted to email us a portrait of your team! we would respond with the answer: RECENT DEPARTURE.

Even in quarantine, we can still connect with some virtual museum visits. We’ll look at two works in each city. Make sure to get your schedule in order and remember: always travel with style!

☐ Consider the room where Leonardo’s Annunciation is held. Exit the room into the hallway and turn left. Travel all the way down the hallway and then turn right. Turn right again, and enter the first gallery you see on your left. There is a painting in a circular frame. Take the first letter of the fourth word in the artist’s full name and the first letter of the artist’s first name.

☐ Getting to this place from Washington Dulles takes a 14 hour flight. On the right hand side of this large work by Francois Boucher is a smaller work by the same artist. Take the eighth and fifth letter of the title of the painting.

☐ The Portrait of Barack Obama by Wiley is located near this painting. Travel behind the portrait and just before you enter the next room, look to the right to find a painting which shares a similar predominant color with the Obama portrait. Add the two digits next to the painting for your first number. Divide the number next to the painting by five for the other number.

☐ Google street view can only get you so close to this next painting. On the opposite side of this large painting by Gustave Caillebotte, there is a smaller painting depicting a watering can. Take the seventh and fourth letters of the artist’s last name.

☐ Art is sometimes blurred when touring these museums virtually. To get to this painting, start from A Wooded Landscape in Three Panels by Louis Comfort Tiffany. Leave the room to find yourself in a new room where all but two pieces blur when you get close. On the description panel of either of the two paintings, find the second word on the fifth line and take the first and second letter.

☐ Culture landmarks near this location might include the Hollywood sign. Start in the room with red walls, which houses a painting titled Adoration of the Magi and head to the room with white walls where you’ll find a large work with gold elements. In the artist’s first name, take the sixth and second letter.

☐ Application of kanji is needed for locals of this place. Find a work titled Promenade, then turn to the right to find three paintings that depict water. The subject of one of these paintings is strongly associated with its artist. Take the first and third letter of the artist’s first name.

☐ Or for this piece, start facing The Ognissanti Madonna by Giotto. On it’s right, there are two doors. Head into the rightmost door and note the large work on the left. On the sign at the bottom left of the work, find the third word on the fourth line. Take the ninth and eighth letter.

✓ Street view is unavailable at your starting point, which is right here in the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C. But you’ve already located the painting! It’s the only painting by this artist on view in the Americas. The letters you need are S and U.

☐ Viewing celebrities is easy in this city. Start in the room with three paintings by Jacques-Louis David. Exit the room and move to the gallery on the right. As you enter, find the painting in this room immediately on the right. Take the last letter of this artist’s first name and last name.