Splitting at the Seams

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1Taylor Swift song with a lyric that might hint at this puzzle’s mechanic
4French military cap
8Thickener for gumbo
12State with a grid-based address system
14Fish known to swim with a clavus
15Fruit in some savory salads
16Of no doubt
17With coco-, dense Central American hardwood
18Cubic meter, alternatively
21Acronym for a chaotic state
23Use a wet rag, say
24Key ingredient in shakshuka
26Devoid of principles
28Harmonized thoughts
31Funnie man?
33Forbid by law
34Word with broken or heavy
35Fermented cake of soybean and fungus
37Water balloons or snowballs, for example
38Annual English soccer competition
39Synthetic fabric, for short
43Unhealthy complexion
45Places to exchange art
46Member of Sauron’s army
49A jumper on top of a coat?
51Shows acknowledgement
53Clumsy person
54“By the way…”
55This puzzle hunt’s theme
59Model/actress Delevingne
63Some pork cuts
65Rihanna album
66Obi Wan actor
67Egyptian motif
68Home for some fictional aliens
69Shape of many dog accessories
70Prescribed amount
71Particular cadence
72Firm up


1Make haste
2Seamstress’ case
3Stitch holes closed, and what you must do to this grid to reveal ten more words
4Saturated (with)
5Onomatopoeia for disappearance
6Singer Fitzgerald
7Unstable subatomic particle
8Part of WANEGBT
9Lower internal temperature, for meat
11The best points
13Planted boundary
19Art conservator’s grime removal tool
22Period of underperformance
27Ice or Iron, for example
28The moment when you realize there are [REDACTED] answers, since all [REDACTED] answers [REDACTED]
29Peridot, for example
30Collide with, head-on
32Composer’s piece
35Follower of famous alumni?
36Crucial choice for a page design
38Provide details, with out
42Pressure unit
44Nut alternative, for plant-based milks
45Adriatic, for one
46Customary language-learning exam
47Stock up again
48Spot for slots
50Stand in a corner, say
52Chemically straightened hairstyles
56Sunrise side
57Japanese lacquered case
58Swiftie, Barb or Selenator, for example
60Musical that takes place in Lower Manhattan
61Medicinal plant with thick leaves
62Some wines, for short
64“___/her pronouns”