National Museum of Natural History

Most things in the museum aren’t alive, but the butterflies and moths sure are! Walking through the pavilion, you can see that these colorful insects always like to match with their favorite flower.


Answers fit into this flower garden in two ways. Row answers read horizontally from the lettered markers; each Row contains multiple consecutive answers reading left to right (except Rows A and J, which contain one answer reading across the nine protruding spaces). Blooms are six-letter answers that fill the shaded and unshaded hexagons, reading either clockwise or counterclockwise. Bloom clues are divided into three lists: Light, Medium and Dark. Answers to Light clues should be placed in hexagons with white centers; Medium answers belong in the hexagons with gray centers; and Dark answers belong in hexagons with black centers. The lists of each Bloom are in alphabetical order, but you must use the Row answers to figure out where to plant each Bloom.

Link to spreadsheet for this grid


ABelief that the universe is God
Strongly disapprove of
A CD can store this
CBanded cichlid by another name
Gave evidence
DLike immature insects
Follows “self” or “tower”
Insulin-troubled person
EReligious leader
Made certain of
Part of LED
Trademarked spandex
FHaving less melanin, say
A fifth below dominant
The subject of this museum
Apian jelly
GTo unbalance
Rattle chili
HCicada killer genus
Keith David in Halo
Early (2 wds.)
JLepidopterist, e.g.
White blooms
Ancient calculator
One of the Seven Seas
Anhinga or snakebird
Non-literal sayings
Dinner cloth
Lochte rival
The Mona Lisa was painted on this wood
Hung ten
Unified by an idea
Light pink blooms
Gambling building
Formal discussion
Personal computer
There are seven in a variety of dip
Male flower organ
Natural gift
Points discussed
Ball, gate, and butterfly
Dark pink blooms
“Never Say Never” film focus
Term for parakeet used in aviculture
Moved rhythmically
Main course
Jenkins of WoW fame
Cape Cod tribe
Warning or announcement


Words fit into the butterflies in two ways. The words for the Left and Right wings read down, but you must place them such that two common 4-letter words read across the Fore and Hind wings. The lists are in alphabetical order, so you must figure out which words belong to which butterflies. One letter is given for each butterfly.

Butterfly Wings